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Senser confronts photographers at Government Center

Video surfaced this morning of Joe Senser confronting news media in the Hennepin Count Government Center on the fifth day of his wife's trial.

Video surfaced Friday morning of Joe Senser confronting news media in the Hennepin Count Government Center.

The outburst comes after several days of dramatic testimony in the trial of Senser's wife.

Amy Senser, 45, is charged in connection with the hit-and-run that killed Phanthavong last August. She faces three counts of criminal vehicular homicide.

On Friday morning, Senser's daughter Molly testified emphatically (Pioneer Press) that her mother was not drunk on the night of the accident, even though she failed to pick Molly and a friend up from the Katy Perry concert.

On Thursday at the trial:

-- Senser himself testified that sometimes his wife Amy is too carefree and lives in "Amyworld" (Star Tribune).

-- Senser's 14-year old daughter testified that she and a friend were unable to reach Amy after a concert the night of the crash (MPR)

Friday's outburst wasn't the first sign that the trial is wearing on Senser's emotions, earlier in the week, WCCO reported that he was accused of talking with jurors after the trial.

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Joe Senser: Amy said she'd hit a construction cone

Former Vikings star Joe Senser testified at his wife's vehicular homicide trial Wednesday, saying Amy Senser told him she'd hit a construction cone or barrel. After seeing news reports that a man was struck and killed on an I-94 exit ramp, Joe Sener says his wife told him she had used that ramp but was not involved in the incident. Earlier, an expert testified that 45 messages were deleted from Amy Senser's phone the day after the hit-and-run.

KSTP among TV stations subpoenaed by Amy Senser's attorney

KSTP reports the subpoena was entered into the court file Wednesday and asks for "raw audio and video footage" of interviews with jurors following Amy Senser's criminal vehicular homicide trial. The wife of former Vikings tight end Joe Senser was convicted of two felonies and is scheduled to be sentenced July 9. Her attorney is working on an appeal.

Joe Senser: wife sometimes lives in "Amyworld"

Joe Senser says he was not surprised his wife failed to keep an agreement to give their daughters a ride home from a concert last August. The former Viking testified about the night when prosecutors say Amy Senser struck and killed a man with her SUV and failed to stop. Her attorney says Amy Senser was not aware of hitting anyone.

Prosecutors amend criminal complaint against Amy Senser

An accident reconstruction concludes that the wife of former Viking Joe Senser had four seconds to avoid hitting a man on the shoulder of Interstate 94. A witness also reports seeing Senser's vehicle driving erratically. Her trial on criminal vehicular charges is set to begin in April.

Prison or Probation? Amy Senser to learn punishment Monday

Amy Senser will be sentenced Monday morning in a hit-and-run accident that killed a Roseville man last August on a freeway exit ramp in Minneapolis. In May, a jury convicted the wife of former Minnesota Viking Joe Senser of two felony counts of criminal vehicular homicide. Prosecutors want the judge to send Senser to prison for nearly five years. Her defense attorney has asked for probation.