Crews rescue 7-year-old who fell in 'creepy, stinky' septic tank

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Officials rescued a 7-year-old boy who fell into a septic tank Monday evening, and after a few hot showers, the boy is doing fine.

Noah Laehn was playing outside with his cousin at his aunt's Blue Earth home around 5 p.m. when he hopped on the lid of a septic tank and fell through, getting trapped 10 feet below ground, WCCO says.

"I was running and hopping on the rocks like it was an adventure and a stream filled with sharks," Noah Laehn told FOX 9.

His cousin quickly told his aunt, who called police. She was worried Noah was drowning. Thankfully, the tank was drained just a day before so Noah was stuck in only about 2 feet of stinky muck, FOX 9 says.

The Fairbault County Sheriff's Office used a ladder to get Noah out of the tank, according to WCCO.

“When I got up to the tank, I saw that he was OK,” Deputy Pat Campbell told WCCO. “He was holding onto a pole. He was fine the way he was, we just needed to hurry up and get him home.”

Video on the deputy's squad car captured the rescue.


Noah said inside the tank was "creepy and dark and stinky," WCCO says. He wasn't injured, but was taken to a local hospital just to make sure. A few showers later, he was back to playing with his cousin.

The family didn't know the lid to the septic tank wasn't screwed on. Now, officials are urging people to make sure their septic tank lids are secured tightly to avoid any other accidents, FOX 9 says.

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