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'Serial stowaway' incompetent to stand trial, sent to homeless shelter


A woman dubbed the "serial stowaway" because she has a history of boarding airline flights without a ticket has been found unfit to stand trial on fraud charges in Florida and was released to a homeless shelter.

Marilyn Hartman, 63, took her most recent ticketless trip from the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport to Jacksonville, Fla., in February, where she was later arrested after checking into a luxury hotel under another woman's name.

Hartman was in court in Nassau County, Fla., Monday, where a judge ruled she was "incompetent to proceed" with a trial after two forensic psychologists who examined her both reached that conclusion, according to FOX 9.

The judge dismissed the charges against Hartman "without prejudice," meaning that prosecutors can refile the charges if she is later found competent, according to WJXT.

A rescue mission in Florida offered to take Hartman in, saying it will try to find help to treat her mental illness, FOX 9 notes.

The court did not make Hartman's mental health history public, but according to a FOX 9 story in February, she struggles with mental illness and depression.

Hartman has a history of sneaking on to flights at airports around the country over the past few years. She's been caught several times at airports in Phoenix, San Francisco, San Jose, Los Angeles and Minneapolis, and she's been banned from even entering a few of them unless she has an airline ticket.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Hartman told reporters after one of her arrests that she is drawn to airports because she is homeless and finds them safer than the streets.

Hartman has been stopped several times at the Twin Cities airport for trespassing, according to FOX 9. On each occasion she told police she was looking for a warm place to stay.

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