'Serial stowaway' is at it again – arrested twice in 10 days


The woman dubbed the “serial stowaway” because she has a history of boarding airline flights without a ticket has been arrested again – twice in the span of 10 days.

Police in Chicago say Marilyn Hartman, 63, tried to sneak past security to get on a plane at O’Hare International Airport on April 24, according to CBS Chicago. After appearing in court on a trespassing charge, she was released.

A few days later, on May 3, Hartman was arrested for loitering at a security checkpoint at Chicago's other airport, Midway, and held at Cook County Jail for violating her previous bond. She was scheduled to appear in court Wednesday on that charge, according to WCCO.

Hartman has a history of sneaking on to flights at airports around the country over the past few years. She’s been caught several times at airports in Phoenix, San Francisco, San Jose, Los Angeles and Minneapolis, and she’s been banned from even entering a few of them unless she has an airline ticket.

Hartman took a ticketless trip from the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport to Jacksonville, Fla., in February, where she was later arrested after checking into a luxury hotel under another woman’s name.

Just a few weeks ago, a judge in Florida dismissed the charges against Hartman in that case, ruling that she was “incompetent to proceed” with a trial. Hartman struggles with depression and mental illness, according to FOX 9.

Hartman has been stopped several times at the Twin Cities airport for trespassing, according to FOX 9. On each occasion she told police she was looking for a warm place to stay.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Hartman told reporters after one of her arrests that she is drawn to airports because she is homeless and finds them safer than the streets.

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