Storm brings hail and torrential rain to metro area, street flooding possible


Golf ball-sized hail and a funnel cloud were reported during a thunderstorm that started west of the metro and made its way to the Twin Cities.

The National Weather Service in the Twin Cities said it believes the above photo of a funnel cloud taken by Twitter user Magenta Ninja in Winsted, Minnesota, is legitimate, though said weather radars didn't indicate much in the way of rotation.

Hennepin County was under a severe thunderstorm warning until 1:45 p.m., but this was later canceled, with the NWS warning that the main threat comes from torrential rain, which could cause localized flooding.

The storm reached Minneapolis just before 2 p.m. before moving east to Roseville and St. Paul, before a second wave hit after 3 p.m.

Reports of street flooding have been coming in.

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Earlier on, west of the metro, large hail and winds of up to 60mph was causing damage.

Another resident of Winsted tweeted a picture of the damage done to her garden, while Magenta Ninja tweeted another picture of the hail that fell in the city.

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