She'll be doggone: Pooch missing 8 months reunited with Minnesota family


They say you can't go home again, but maybe Avery the dog didn't get that memo.

She'd been gone for more than eight months and KARE-11 reports owners Liz and Chad Klavetter had given up on seeing their two-year-old boxer-pit bull mix again.

After all, the fliers and online postings and calls to the authorities had yielded nothing in the weeks and months after Avery slipped through an invisible fence and disappeared last June, KARE says. So much time had gone by that the Klavetters had left their home in Sandstone and moved to Barnum, getting a new dog to share the one-acre yard.

“We just assumed the worst had happened," Liz tells the Star Tribune.

Instead, the best happened on Monday when the Klavetters got a phone call from Heather Brewer of Cambridge. The Star Tribune says Brewer devotes much of her time to rescuing and rehabilitating dogs, especially pit bulls. Her reputation is such that when a woman in Beroun noticed a down-on-her-luck dog hanging around her house, it was Brewer she called.

Brewer was able to use Avery's microchip to trace her back to the Klavetters, setting up a tearful, wag-filled St. Patrick's Day reunion that Brewer videotaped and shared with KARE-11.

Nobody's quite sure where Avery's wanderings took her, but it seems that someone helped her get through this harsh winter. The Klavetters tell KARE she was wearing a different collar than the one she had in Sandstone and she looked reasonably well fed.

Liz tells the Star Tribune she was hesitant to believe it really was Avery, but the dog's response left no doubt.

Not familiar with microchips?

As the Animal Humane Society explains, they're a form of pet ID that's about the size of a grain of rice. It's implanted under the skin between a dog's shoulders. It contains a scanning number that is listed in a national database with the owner's contact information.

The Humane Society charges $30 to implant microchips at any of its twice-monthly clinics at five Twin Cities-area locations.

If you'd like to help reunite people and dogs, or need to be reunited, you can report a lost or found canine at the Lost Dogs - MN Facebook page. They also have a page of photos of lost dogs.

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