Shelter caring for second shot cat says it was a 'deliberate act of cruelty'

The cat was found dragging her back legs because she had been paralyzed after being shot with a BB gun.

For the second time in the past week, a Fargo cat shelter has taken in a cat with gunshot wounds.

The CATS Cradle Shelter says the cat, who they're calling BeBe, was found dragging her back legs because she had been paralyzed after being shot with a BB gun.

Two vets are calling the incident a "deliberate act of cruelty designed not to kill, but to cause maximum pain and suffering," the shelter says. Here's a photo of an x-ray, which shows the BB in her spine:

It's not clear how long BeBe will be hospitalized, with the shelter saying she's suffering from a "very serious infection" of the spinal column, which needs to be treated with IV antibiotics and pain medicine.

BeBe, who was pregnant when she got to the shelter, "spontaneously aborted her kittens likely due to stress from the injury and the spinal infection," the shelter said.

The shelter isn't sure if BeBe will be able to use her back legs again, noting surgery might not be an option because of the infection.

The shelter says BeBe was found on a reservation, which is not the same place Bullet – the other cat who was shot – was discovered. Bullet was expected to make a recovery after surgery.

CATS Cradle says these incidents are examples of why it has an indoor-only policy, noting if you let your cat outside they're at much higher risk of being abused by someone who doesn't want them around. They're also more at risk of diseases, getting mauled by other animals, or hit by a car.

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