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Sheriff's office releases calls for service to Paisley Park over past 5 years


Officers were called to Paisley Park a few dozen times over the past five years, but never for any major criminal activity – only a few reports of someone outside trespassing on the property, and one incident of "swatting."

The Carver County Sheriff's Office released a document Thursday that shows calls for service to Paisley Park since 2011 (click here to see it).

There have been 47 in all – one of those was an emergency medical call after Prince's body was found, and six more have come since his April 21 death.

Of the 40 that took place before Prince's death:

  • Four resulted in police reports, including citations for trespassing, tampering with a vehicle, and a suspicious phone call that was later deemed to have been "unfounded" and was attributed to "swatting."
  • 10 of the calls were due to "suspicious activity," including a suspicious vehicle or persons
  • Seven were for miscellaneous/non-criminal activity. A phone call was cited for one, and theft of services another.
  • Five came about because of an alarm that went off– three of those were a fire alarm.
  • There were three medical calls, none of which are detailed. A fourth medical call came on April 21, 2016, when Prince was found unresponsive in the home.
  • There were also four calls regarding traffic issues, one of which was described as a "parking question," and another four calls for a fire.
  • Two calls apiece were for property damage (both times, a woman was cited for trespassing) or disturbing the peace (both refer to phone calls as the culprit).
  • There was also one call for an open door, one call for miscellaneous criminal activity, and one call from an agency requesting assistance.

All data related to Prince's death that is not considered "response" or "incident" data is considered confidential while law enforcement continues its investigation, the sheriff's office says.

The police reports

The four calls for service that resulted in police reports (trespassing, tampering with a bus on the property, and a "swatting" incident) are summarized here, starting with the most recent.

Jan. 15, 2016

A woman sneaked through the main gate while a car was leaving, before it could fully close, and refused to leave the property.

She told officers Prince had offered her a job helping to sell CDs, and told her to come at 4 p.m. – someone officers spoke with at the scene said that was not true.

The woman had also tweeted, saying she would not leave and if she died, "its ur fault," as well as saying she "came for that job, I'm not taking no for an answer."

She was cited for trespassing.

Jan. 12, 2015

A Minneapolis woman was found on a bus at the back of the Paisley Park property, and was not supposed to be there. The woman told police she'd tried to speak to someone there more than a month earlier about a place to stay, told them she would be staying on the property, then got on the bus, which was unlocked.

She'd been spotted on the property before and told to leave.

It's not known how long she was on the bus, but it had been plugged in to the main building, presumably to power devices onboard. The woman had a backpack of items, a rolling suitcase and a small drum.

Someone at the property collected a bag of garbage form the bus, and told officers it didn't seem like anything was damaged or missing.

The woman was cited for tampering with a motor vehicle.

Feb. 3, 2014

A woman banging a small drum and chanting had walked through the open gate at Paisley Park. The officer approached her, and she ignored him and continued on. After repeatedly ignoring the officer, he grabbed her arm – she tried to pull away, and the officer thought she'd try to hit him with the drum stick.

So he cuffed the woman and put her in a patrol car, as she yelled at him. Paisley Park's property manager told officers she was not supposed to be on the property, and said the gate was open because it might be needed for construction vehicles.

The woman was cited for trespassing.

May 22, 2013

This report is considered "unfounded" and believed to be a "swatting" call.

A woman in South Carolina received a call from a number she didn't recognize at 2:22 a.m., and on the other end, a woman who sounded "panicked and out of breath" said she'd been raped and to call police, then hung up, without giving any other information.

The woman called the number back and got a voicemail for "Paisley Park."

Officers were sent to Paisley Park, and noted there were no cars on the property, and no sign that any had been there recently (it was raining, and there were no tracks or markings from tries or shoes). Officers also did not see anything suspicious during a walk around the property, and did not see any lights on.

A detective later contacted the phone company that owns the Paisley Park phone lines for records – they showed that at no time did any call originate from Paisley Park to the number of the woman in South Carolina. Two outgoing calls that night were made to California, and that's it.

The detective determined it was likely a "swatting" scenario, where someone uses an internet phone connection to make a call look like it's coming from somewhere it isn't, then reporting a fake crime in the hopes of getting a large law enforcement response to that site.

The case was closed and is considered "unfounded."

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