Shooting suspect drives out on Mille Lacs Lake, escapes police


Two suspects wanted in connection with a shooting that left one person injured late Thursday afternoon escaped police by driving their truck out onto frozen Mille Lacs Lake, the Brainerd Dispatch reports.

The Dispatch reports: "Officers and deputies from a number of agencies were scanning the unpredictable ice for signs of the truck, noting large cracks in the ice surface and ice heaves could create considerable obstacles for a vehicle traveling at speed at night without the aid of headlights."

It's not clear if authorities actually continued the chase onto the ice with their squad cars after the truck veered off the road and sped off onto the lake. The Dispatch reports that a Department of Natural Resources pilot was called in to help search for the truck.

The truck was found later on the ice, with two sets of footprints leading away from it, and no one had been arrested as of Thursday night, the Dispatch reported.

Few details were available about the shooting, believed to have been near the Grand Casino Mille Lacs, the Dispatch reported.

Mille Lacs, roughly 90 miles north of the Twin Cities, is the state's second largest lake.

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