Short-spined, big-hearted Quasimodo a hit at MN shelter

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A dog with a rare condition is becoming a minor celebrity in the Twin Cities after arriving at an animal shelter this week.

The German Shepherd named "Quasimodo" is one of only 13 known dogs in the world to live with Short Spine Syndrome, which according to the University of Sydney sees back vertabrae remain largely as cartilage, rather than forming into bone.

He was found as a stray and brought to a southern shelter, before this week making the trip to Secondhand Hounds in Eden Prairie on Jan. 26, a Facebook page for the dog says.

He has since been placed in foster care, and the Facebook page all about him, called "Quasi the Great," has been set up so people can follow his progress.

The page has gotten almost 1,200 likes in less than a day.

Secondhand Hounds meanwhile is working on making sure he's fit and healthy before trying to find him a forever home. The shelter had several inquiries about adoption from Facebook followers after posting this picture of Quasimodo in the snow.

He arrived at the shelter with a neck wound that needs treating, according to the Facebook page, while FOX 9 (who is planning a video feature Friday) reports he will undergo tests to determine whether he suffers much pain from his condition – though it notes he doesn't appear to be in any.

You can follow Quasimodo's progress here.

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