Car chase leads to fatal shooting on Capitol Hill


Reports of several shots fired outside the U.S. Capitol Thursday afternoon put multiple buildings on temporary lockdown, the Washington Post reports.

Sources told NBC News that the incident started on Pennsylvania Avenue, where a woman attempted to ram the car she was driving through a White House gate.

The U.S. Secret Service attempted to stop the vehicle and a chase ensued. The car reportedly traveled about six blocks toward the Capitol, where it broke through security barriers and gunfire was exchanged, CNN reported.

A Capitol Police officer was injured and transported to the hospital, CNN said on air. Police say the officer was struck by the car, not by gunfire.

Authorities say the female driver was shot and killed by police.

A law enforcement source told WUSA that a man and a baby girl were also inside the car. The child reportedly suffered minor injuries.

Police are saying the event was an isolated incident.

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