Should we take a look at the new Apple iOS emojis?

More emojis to choose from.

All you iPhone and iPad users, get ready for some new emojis.

The dozens of new emojis were revealed through a beta release for a new software update on iPhone and iPad (iOS 10.2), said. Right now, it's only available for developers and testers.

But that means they should roll out to all users in the near future.

Emojipedia has all the details, and a whole lot of visuals for you to look at. In general, the new designs are more detailed, and have a slight 3-D effect compared to the old ones (and iOS got a few of the new style in an update earlier this year). Example:

All of these emojis actually exist as part of this summer's Unicode 9.0 update – which is essentially the official emoji dictionary that's set by Unicode Consortium (emoji development is very serious business, apparently). But Apple hadn't adopted all of the new ones yet.

As TechCrnuch explains, this iOS 10.2 update adds the missing emojis from Unicode 9.0, meaning Apple will be fully up to date.

For example, Apple didn't have this awesome owl:

Or face palm:

Or this gorilla:

There's no exact release date yet, but Emojipedia says history indicates they could come this month.

Compare emojis

Emojis are able to be adopted on to all phones and systems because they follow Unicode – it's a system that assigns numbered codes to different emojis. So very basically, if an Android phone sends the taco emoji to an Apple phone, the Apple phone reads the taco emoji as code and knows to display its own taco emoji.

It keeps everything unified, rather than everyone having to write their own code and translate it from device to device.

And if you want to see what emoji other users see, check out Emojipedia's collection. For example, here's the tears of joy face across four different systems:

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