Sick of rattata and pidgey? Here's where to find rare pokemon

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If you're sick of catching the same three pokemon on Pokemon Go, Reddit has you covered.

There are several discussions on where to find rare ones like magmar and hitmonchan.

According to the discussions, Fort Snelling in St. Paul is a great place to find growlithe. Although there are reports from people that the area now has meowth.

In Brooklyn Park, the Girvan Grill/Edinburgh Golf Course area is said to have a few dratini spots. A Redditor suggests checking near the parking lot.

The state fair grounds also seem to be a pretty common place to catch a variety of pokemon. People report finding jynx, squirtle, gastly, dratini, and tauros.

St. Cloud State University has a few too. There are said to be hitmonchan and pinsir near the admin building. Some report electabuzz have recently taken over spots.

A bunch of visitors have reported finding magmar at Como Zoo in St. Paul. Although a Redditor has updated a post saying that they have also been replaced with electabuzz.

A few Redditors say Silverwood Park near St. Anthony has a bunch of vulpix.

You can keep up with the latest updates here.

Also, check out this website to see what's around you.

Good luck!

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