As winter melts away, so does Minnesota's 'Granddaddy' snowman

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Warm temperatures are finally here, and that doesn't bode well for Minnesota's "Granddaddy" snowman.

The 50-foot snowman near Foley, roughly 70 miles northwest of the Twin Cities, drew hundreds of visitors to Greg Novak's farm this winter and gained worldwide attention after being featured on NBC's Today Show and BBC, the St. Cloud Times says.

But now, the snowman's body is covered in dirt and grime.

Tilting to the right and looking a little off balance, the snowman's cap has started to slide, his arms have started to droop, his broom has blown away, his nose is barely hanging on and his smile has turned into a frown. What was a 45-foot base is shrinking – Novak measured it as 39 feet on Monday and he says it is still solid ice, according to the St. Cloud Times.

The giant snowman took five weeks and hundreds of man hours to complete, but Novak said he wasn't sad to see his work slowly melt away.

"Not really, because I want spring to come, just like everybody else," Novak told the newspaper.

It'll be a long time before Granddaddy is all the way gone and Novak says it may have a little life left in it.

"If it's still in decent shape this weekend, I might go back up there and turn it into an Easter bunny," he told the St. Cloud Times. "If people thought this was the largest snowman they've ever seen, I imagine it would also be the biggest Easter bunny, too."

As for doing it again, Novak told the newspaper he'd like to, but he doesn't want people to expect it. He wants it to be fun for him and a surprise for others.

A man in Wabeno, Wisconsin, also built a giant snowman named Olaf (after the Disney movie Frozen). But there's no report on how it is faring this spring.

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