Rabid skunk bites baby's face in Little Falls


A 5-month-old boy will undergo treatment for rabies after he was repeatedly bitten by a rabid skunk in Little Falls Tuesday afternoon.

The St. Cloud Times reports the baby was sitting in a bouncy seat outside at an at-home day care while several children were playing in the yard.

The day care provider had walked to the side of the house to assist another child when she heard the baby scream and saw a skunk walking away.

The homeowner shot the animal described by authorities as unusually large, unhealthy and missing a lot of hair. The Associated Press reported Wednesday evening that the carcass tested positive for rabies and the parents were notified.

"There wasn't really anything [the day care provider] could've done," Morrison County Sheriff Michel Wetzel told the Times. "Who would expect a skunk in the middle of the day to stand up and bite a baby in the face?”

The Brainerd Dispatch says the boy also suffered wounds to the face and was taken to St. Gabriel's Hospital in Little Falls.

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