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'Small pieces of metal' prompt recall of Johnsonville pork product


Check those Johnsonville Grillers in your fridge.

Wisconsin-based Kenosha Beef International issued a recall of more than 89,000 pounds of the pork sausage patty product, which was sold in Minnesota and 10 other states, according to a USDA news release.

The recall came after a number of consumers reported "small pieces of metal" in the meat, the agency says, noting they're not sure at this point what the source of the "extraneous material" is.

The specific products affected are "Cheddar Cheese and Bacon Flavor" Johnson Grillers that come in both 24-ounce. packages and 13.5-pound cases (which are comprised of nine individual 24-ounce cartons).

To determine whether the Grillers you have are included in the recall, check the USDA inspection mark for "EST. 425 B" and a "Best Flavor By" date of 12/29/15.

If the packaging bears these marks, the company urges you to throw the product away or return it the place of purchase.

The USDA points out that it has received no reports of oral injuries or other problems associated with the consumption of the Grillers.

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