Small-town Minn. school bus driver nears end of 55th year


Kimball, Minn., school bus driver Dean Mozena, now 76, is reaching the end of another school year – his 55th in the job.

The 76-year-old has been hauling kids to school since he was 20 – and has now driven three generations of students to school, the St. Cloud Times reports.

There's a lot more to the job than driving the bus, he says. He loans students lunch money, listens to their problems, and calms their nerves, the newspaper reports.

“When you’re a bus driver, you’re a loan officer,” Mozena told the St. Cloud Times. “You’re a nurse. You’re a counselor.”

The great-grandfather of five is grandpa figure to many of the children on his 34-mile route, the Times reports. The man with a quick smile and comforting word has driven the same route for about 47 years in the small town roughly 60 miles northwest of the Twin Cities. And he has no plans to slow down.

“I’ve got to keep going unless I bring in a death certificate,” Mozena told the newspaper.

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