Snoop Dogg, Martha Stewart, Anna Kendrick play Never Have I Ever on Ellen

Dinner Party co-hosts Snoop and Martha joined Anna Kendrick on Ellen for a game where we learned quite a bit about their sexting and nude beach histories.
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Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart have been on the promotional trail for their new VH1 show Martha & Snoop's Dinner Party, and while it's always great to see the duo together in any capacity, their visits to Ellen (who has become the hip-hop platform for daytime TV) have always been especially fun. Yesterday's visit had Anna Kendrick thrown into the mix, making for something really special.

The four played a game of Never Have I Ever. If you haven't been to a slumber party in a while, it's a game where a potentially scandalous event is named, and the participants have to specify whether they have performed the act or not. Right out the gate we get an indication how popular sexting is, with Martha in a perfectly mannered response clarifying that the other participant in her sexting is none of our business.

From handcuffs to nude beaches, we learned a lot about the panel of guests and ourselves. Turns out, celebrities are just like us after all! Later, Snoop and Martha shared some recipes with Ellen. Turns out, celebrities' dinner parties are totally different from anything we mere mortals can comprehend! Martha and Snoop's Dinner Party premieres November 7th on VH1.

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