Snoop Dogg's second-best album Tha Blue Carpet Treatment turns 10

We've been playing 'Doggystyle' for a quarter-century and loving his new show with Martha Stewart, so why do we check out his most underrated endeavor?
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Next year marks 25 years since Snoop Dogg's first appearance on a national release. While he's evolved quite a bit, from being the menacing teenage sidekick of Dr. Dre on "Deep Cover" to the potluck dinner co-host of Martha Stewart on VH1, this week marks the 10th anniversary of that exact midpoint where Snoop was everything to everyone. It was the release of his second-best album, Tha Blue Carpet Treatment.

Snoop hadn't sounded as vicious on the mic since before his murder charge. Inspired by his children telling him during a ride in the car that Cassidy was a better rapper, Snoop hit the studio to record "Think About It," the most blistering technical Snoop performance this side of a No Limit tank. Now that he impressed his kids, he was ready to impress the rap world once again.

Want gangsta Snoop? There's "Vato" with B-Real. Want timeless-but-contemporary Snoop? There's "Candy" Want chill Snoop G funk? There's the Nate Dogg assisted "Crazy." Want family-friendly S-N-double-O-P? He has a song about pee-wee football.

It's really a testament to Snoop's artistry that Tha Blue Carpet Treatment can hit so many elements without compromising coherency. While he's put out some great music since (under a variety of names), there's something to be said for his forgotten middle child on its 10th birthday.

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