Snow! It's (finally) beginning to look a lot like Christmas in Minnesota


Winter is late, but at least it's here – if the snow you're seeing outside your window is any indication.

As widely predicted, what started out as rain turned into a slight but continuous snowfall in the Twin Cities on Wednesday afternoon. While it's not predicted to accumulate much more than some slush on the roads, some areas – especially east of Interstate 35 – might be lucky enough to get two inches.

Meanwhile, it's beginning to look at a lot like Christmas in the northland, somewhat more so than the metro. Duluth was expected to get up to three inches of snow on Wednesday. The National Weather Service has much of the area is on a Winter Weather Advisory, which warns of a possible light snow storm.

Things are much more mild in western and northwestern Minnesota for now; according to the DNR, it's plenty cold in Moorhead (a brisk 23 degrees), but there's only a light chance of snow on Wednesday night.

In Willmar, the skies are at least somewhat clear while temps are right at freezing. Nonetheless, there's a 20 percent chance of snow there.

It's been an unusually warm winter for Minnesota, so warm, in fact that one of the state's favorite hockey events – the U.S. Pond Hockey Championship – has been pushed back two weeks due to high temps and a lack of ice on Lake Nokomis in Minneapolis.

In fact, this month may turn out to be the warmest Minnesota December on record. 2015 may also be the sixth warmest year the state has ever seen. Don't be too troubled, though; what we're seeing reflects a national "heat" (which is a relative term, as it's still quite chilly out there) wave.

But don't lose all hope of a white Christmas yet – another round of wintry weather is expected to visit most of the state Friday night and into Saturday.

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