Snow Wars: A Jabba the Hutt snow sculpture is greeting people in Duluth

The sculpture is the work of Harry Welty, who's been doing them since 1987.

Of all the things you expect to see in Duluth, a Jabba the Hutt snow sculpture doesn't immediately leap to mind.

That's the sight greeting people who pass by Harry Welty's house though, with a picture of the Star Wars-themed sculpture making it onto Reddit on Monday, where it was "upvoted" more than 2,300 times in just four hours.

The Duluth School Board member has been crafting sculptures on the front lawn of his house at 21st Avenue East and 4th Street since 1987, according to this profile by PerfectDuluthDay, with his first a dinosaur he made at the request of his daughter.

His first attempt ended up looking "more like an iguana with a bad overbite," but he told the website he was "too vain" to stop working after a disappointing first try, and he's been doing it ever since.

He completed his Jabba sculpture last week, he writes on his blog, saying it had been low on his list of priorities but was compelled into action while the "balmy sculpting weather continues."

There's going to be some more snow for Welty to work with. Monday's clipper is expected to dump 4-6 inches on Duluth.

You can see some more of Harry Welty's creations in this video.

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