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So, is Prince's vault of music really for sale at $35 million?

Billboard is reporting his vault will be sold – his lawyer says that's not accurate.

Could we soon hear all the rumored unreleased music currently locked inside Prince's vault?

Billboard reported Wednesday, citing an unnamed source, that the estate advisors for Prince's estate – veteran music executive Charles Koppelman and Prince's longtime attorney L. Londell McMillan – were shopping the vault for as much as $35 million.

And apparently they're in talks with Sony, Universal and Warner Bros. to acquire the rights to the artist's music, with Billboard reporting a deluxe version of Purple Rain is expected to be released as soon as early 2017, while a new greatest-hits collection could be out later this year.

But McMillan, in response, said that's untrue.

He denied Billboard's report multiple times on Twitter over the past 24 hours. In one tweet, he said: "Please don't believe that absurd article on the vault. There are so many false rumors. The devil be up all night! BUSY! Lol."

McMillan didn't say specifically if all or part of Billboard's report is inaccurate. But others – including, which claims to be the oldest unofficial site for Prince fans – are suspicious about how much the vault is being shopped for, saying it is worth "much" more than the reported $35 million.

Prince's estate has yet to catalogue what exactly is in the vault at Paisley Park, but it's rumored that 70 percent of the music he produced is unreleased and sitting inside it, along with other keepsakes from his four-decade career. (Read more about the vault here.)

Prince did not leave a will, so it's made dividing his multi-million dollar estate quite complicated, and has led to questions about whether Prince would want the contents of his vault released.

Apparently he'd be OK with it. At least that's what Prince biographer Matt Thorne told Newsweek in April, saying although Prince once said he'd burn everything inside the vault, he more recently said one day everything would be released.

"That is what he would have wanted," Thorne told Newsweek.

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