So many people turned in their guns, Mpls. had to end its buyback early

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The City of Minneapolis held a gun buyback on Saturday, and so many people turned in their unwanted firearms that the City had to end it early.

The reason: they ran out of money to buy more.

Minneapolis had been offering people Visa gift cards ranging from $25 to $300 depending on the gun, and they ran out.

The event was scheduled to run from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. at two area fire stations. But it ended hours early, around 1 p.m., FOX 9 reports.

The Star Tribune says the buyback collected more than 150 guns, though.

Now police will check the firearms to see if any have been reported stolen, FOX 9 previously reported. Any stolen weapons will be returned to the rightful owner.

Otherwise, the guns will be taken out of commission – and could wind up in an art exhibit focusing on the impact of firearms in the community.

Guns in the Hands of Artists

Pillsbury United Communities – a non-profit group – recently hosted a national exhibit called Guns in the Hands of Artists.

Now they’ve put out a call for area artists who will use some of the weapons collected Saturday to make their own statements about the impact of gun violence in a project known as Art is My Weapon.

According to the website, artists – from painters and sculptors to poets and photographers – will create works of art with the decommissioned guns.

The point is to "express a thought, make a statement, open a discussion and stimulate thinking about guns in our culture."

Police and officials leading the buyback say they hope it will make Minneapolis a safer place.

“This initiative is a great way to get guns out of our homes and off the street and bring attention and energy to this crisis,” Council Member Cam Gordon said in a statement.

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