Sod to be busted on Capitol's front yard


You were warned. At the time that the legislature approved a massive $272 million renovation project at the Minnesota Capitol, the state's lawmakers, staff and citizens were told to brace for a 'miserable' stretch of hassles and inconveniences.

And the Associated Press reports it's beginning in earnest as the building's front lawn is about to be ripped up. Construction crews will, in fact, pave the paradise of green and put up a parking lot.

The exhaustive renovation plan calls for the creation of a couple of asphalt lots in the front to serve as temporary parking lots. The lots will make up for existing parking spots that will be lost during construction. The renovation team considered shuttling employees from remote lots but found that option to be more expensive and less convenient. The lots will be removed and the grass will be replaced in 2017, once the $271 million remodel is wrapped up.

Crews working on the renovation project may begin taking up big sections of the lawn in front of the building as soon as this week.

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