Solar storm brings spectacular Northern Lights show to Minnesota this week


Several Minnesota amateur photographers were capturing some magnificent northern lights images Monday night – and the state can expect another show Tuesday and during the rest of the week.

A strong geomagnetic storm is boosting auroral activity across North America, with the University of Alaska Fairbanks reporting it could potentially be seen as far south as northern Missouri Tuesday night.

With AccuWeather reporting clear skies are expected, viewing conditions on Tuesday will be best in the south half of Minnesota – including the Twin Cities.

Meanwhile, visibility in the north is likely to be "fair," but the weather service says cloud cover will make visibility "poor" in the northwest reaches."

There were some great images of the Aurora Borealis captured in Minnesota on Monday night, here's just a few of those shared on social media:

Meteor shower also visible in MN

Accuweather notes the northern lights aren't the only light show that can be seen in the night sky.

Between now and mid-November, stargazers can catch a glimpse of the Taurids meteor shower, which are known for "producing bright fireballs."

The shower is expected to peak on Nov. 11.

St. Cloud resident Maria Kosiba managed to get a picture of one of these fireballs on Monday, which she submitted to KEYC meteorologist Mark Tarello.

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Northern Minnesota treated to northern lights show

The Duluth News Tribune reports there was quite the light display over the Northland Saturday night into Sunday morning. Some residents told the newspaper they could even see the aurora within the Duluth city limits.