Some insane person edited all of Westworld into chronological order

Well that's certainly an interesting way to spend your time.
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Westworld became arguably the closest thing we had to an "Everybody's talking about it the next day" TV show this fall.

But HBO's fantasy sci-fi robot western wasn't always super clear. A lot of people were confused by the show, even with the end reveal.

Which is where this person who probably needs some professional help comes in. A staffer over at The Outline decided to take all 10 episodes (so 10 hours, essentially) of the show's first season, cut out the intros and credits, and reorganize it chronologically.

Why? Even that person's coworkers don't seem to know, writing a "very troubled member of the staff" was behind it.

You can watch the video here. (Note they've sped up a lot of it, so it's only like 94 minutes.)

Obviously, spoilers. And also obviously, it's HBO – so it's NSFW.

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