Some leads and a sketch, but nothing concrete in search for Pine River home invasion suspect

Investigators have some leads and a sketch in connection with the Pine River incident.

Authorities are still looking for the man who entered a rural Minnesota home and terrified the family, only to run off when the home's owner fired a gun at him.

The Cass County Sheriff's Office put out a call for help to find the home invader last week. The suspect had shown up at a Pine River Township home twice in the span of a week.

The homeowner, in a now-deleted Facebook post, chronicled the terror he went through both times. First the suspect was seen through the bedroom window, and six days later inside the kitchen of his house.

In the latter incident, the homeowner was in bed with his young son around 11 p.m. when they heard the faucet turn on. The homeowner went to investigate and found who he believes is the same guy – described as a large white male, 6-foot-5, and wearing all black. The owner subsequently fired his gun and the intruder fled on foot.

Authorities don't know if he was struck, and Sheriff Tom Burch told GoMN the homeowner's accounts are all true as far as they know.

The sheriff's office said Friday it has gotten several leads – including a possible sighting in a wooded area on Sept. 19 that led to an unsuccessful search – but nothing substantial that has led to an ID of the suspect.

However, the department put out a sketch of the suspect (see above), hoping it might lead to answers.

The sheriff's office says it's continuing to follow up on leads, and is asking residents to report anything suspicious in their neighborhoods.

If you do see anything, call the sheriff's office at 218-547-1424 or 1-800-450-2677, and give them as much detail as possible.

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