Some MNsure glitches resolved, navigators still seeing delays


After getting off to a bumpy start last week, the state's health exchange resolved many of its technical issues for consumers, but those trained to assist users looking for coverage are still waiting to be certified.

The Pioneer Press reported nearly 5,000 MNsure accounts had been created online last week, something many users had trouble accomplishing due to glitches after the website launched last Tuesday.

MNsure officials said there was a problem connecting with a federal identity verification system, which no longer appeared to be a problem by the end of last week, according to Minnesota Public Radio.

MPR says the state took down the site Sunday for maintenance.

On the other side of the exchange, delays continue for state-paid "navigators" -- those who have completed training to guide users through coverage options -- and health insurance brokers.

"As of Thursday afternoon, MNsure had completed background checks on fewer than half of the Navigators who had finished the training, and less than ten percent of Navigator contracts were fully signed (it seems that MNsure has moved for-profit Brokers through the process more quickly than non-profit Navigators)," Colleen O’Connor Toberman, a MNsure navigator, wrote in a blog for St. Paul-based think tank MN2020.

On Friday, the MNsure directory listed numerous brokers available to assist consumers, but only four navigator agencies, the Star Tribune reported.

Across the country, technical hiccups still plague the federal health exchange site intended to serve 36 states. Bloomberg Businessweek reports consumers continued to see error messages when trying to create accounts Monday.

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