Someone's jamming fish hooks in meat and feeding it to dogs

The fish hooks were found hidden in chunks of meat.

Police in southern Minnesota are warning dog owners to keep an eye on their pets after a resident made a disturbing report. 

Apparently someone had thrown meat into their yard for their dog, and there were fish hooks jammed into the food, according to the Austin Police Department's Facebook page.

Police say the owner's dog had been chewing on the meat, but it doesn't seem like the pet ate any hooks. 

Earlier this week, police in Cannon Falls – which is about an hour north of Austin – said at least two pets have been killed in the past week due to poisonings. 

Poisonings reported in the spring

Earlier this year there was a string of reports about possible dog poisonings in the region.

The most definitive case came in May, when the Scott County Sheriff's office found someone had laced hot dog pieces and beef sticks with medication potentially fatal to dogs or cats.

Those tainted treats were found near Elko New Market a few weeks after reports of dog poisonings in the southern Twin Cities suburb of Apple Valley. Police there said the victims included wild animals as well as pets.

That came soon after a warning in Minneapolis. Police said someone had left out bread that had been tainted with a harmful chemical. While no dogs were known to have died, the bread did kill a couple of squirrels. 

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