Sometimes a beaver makes a mistake and chews a utility pole

Apparently this does happen sometimes.
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Utility poles look a lot like tree trunks. Especially if you don't understand the concept of electricity or phones, like beavers don't.

So it shouldn't be surprising that a beaver near Walker made the mistake of chomping around a power pole on Boy Lake. Lake Country Power snapped a photo and shared it on Twitter.

And they note that it's a $2,750 bill to replace that not-a-tree.

This doesn't happen very often, the co-op explained on Facebook.

As one commenter put it, "Worked for power company 39 years, never seen a beaver chew a pole."

Lake Country wrote it's seen just a handful of these incidents in the past decade, and said there's usually something to discourage animals from interfering with the poles. In this case, the new pole that goes up will get a metal wrap around the base.

The Google test (searching for something and seeing what pops up) shows just a few mentions of beavers chewing utility poles. The animals started to overwhelm a North Carolina town a few years ago, and one resident complained a beaver had brought a piece of telephone pole into a dam.

And this animal control site says utility poles can sometimes be chewed up if there aren't very many trees around for the beavers.

Or, as Lake Country Power put it on Facebook: "It's very unusual indeed. Must have been a desperate beaver."

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