Sound familiar? Zebra mussels turn up in more Minnesota lakes

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You can add a couple more lakes to the list of Minnesota waterways infested with zebra mussels.

Monday 10 to 15 of the invasive mussels were reported on a trailer in Lake Ida, which is in Becker and Otter Tail counties, KFGO says. And in Stearns County, five zebra mussels turned up on a pontoon pulled from Lake Sylvia near Melrose, WJON reports.

As docks and boats are being removed for the season, more zebras are being discovered around the state.

Just over a week ago, FOX 9 reported on new infestations in Eden Prairie's Bryant Lake and in Lake John near Annandale in Wright County.

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While the number of zebra mussels found in the newly infested lakes is small, the situation on Green Lake in Spicer might serve as a cautionary tale.

The West Central Tribune spoke last week with Mike Schoffman of Mike's Dock and Yard, a company hired by property owners to remove docks and boat lifts on the lake. Schoffman told the newspaper that last fall his crews found about three zebra mussels. This year, he says, "There are billions of them. They are in every nook and cranny."

That rapid reproduction helps explain why zebra mussels are not only a nuisance but sometimes an expensive problem. The Department of Natural Resources says the mussels sometimes clog the water intakes used by cities or power plants. They also clog boat motors and cut the feet of swimmers.

The DNR has been experimenting with pilot projects aimed at eradicating zebra mussels.

While they've been spreading, the agency says the total of 112 infested lakes, rivers, and wetlands means less than 2 percent of Minnesota's lakes have zebra mussels.

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