Sources: Bachmann has money trouble ahead

Politico quotes a few anonymous sources, one of whom says the situation is "dire." They say the Republican hopeful is having trouble tapping major donors.

The political news site Politico is reporting Michele Bachmann may have money troubles ahead. The site quotes a few anonymous sources, one of whom calls the situation “dire.” Sources say she has struggled to tap major donors.

It’s not the first report like it. Insiders told the New York Times much the same thing a week ago. The paper writes that Bachmann has made a fortune from small donors but can’t get the big money in the Republican Party to take her seriously. A few high-profile mistakes in the spotlight haven’t helped.

Earlier this month her former campaign chief, Ed Rollins, told MSNBC that Bachmann doesn’t have the ability or the resources to make it past Iowa.

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Source: Bachmann is suspending campaign

The National Journal is quoting an anonymous source who says the congresswoman is dropping her bid for the White House. The source says the campaign sees "no viable way forward" after her sixth-place finish in the Iowa caucuses.

Michele Bachmann outspending her fundraising

Politico reports the GOP candidate raised $4 million in the last three months. But according to campaign filings, Bachmann spent $2 million more than that over the same period. Bachmann's fundraising numbers pale in comparison to other presidential challengers, as analysts call into question her ability to court major donors.

Stadium in limbo but funding source forges ahead at Capitol

The House Taxes Committee will consider whether to authorize electronic pull tabs and bingo. Many supporters of a new Vikings stadium see taxes on those games as the best way to raise state money for a stadium. Meanwhile, the stadium bill's rejection by a House committee has revived talk of other potential sites and of a special session.

Bachmann camp denies Mitt Romney endorsement rumor

The Boston Globe earlier quoted anonymous sources suggesting Michele Bachmann might soon endorse her former rival, Mitt Romney. But Bachmann's team said the report is "completely false" and asked the paper retract the article. Romney is making a campaign stop in the Twin Cities on Wednesday.