South Dakota guy ticketed for not having his pet snakes on a leash

... do they even make those?

We're curious, what would a snake on a leash even look like?

We're wondering because some guy in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, was ticketed last week for bringing his pet snakes to a park without a leash.

Jerry Kimball posted a photo of his ticket on Facebook. It clearly lists two $95 fees for "animals running at large." In the comments, it recognizes the animals as two ball pythons.

Kimball explained he had been doing an "educational meet and greet" at Falls Park.

"People have fear of snakes, but I want to change that ... that's my main mission," Kimball told KDLT.

He has nine pet snakes, and told the TV station he regularly brings some of them out into the public for people to interact with.

But earlier this month, his snakes caught the attention of a local animal control officer. The officer told Kimball he had to have his snakes on a leash, Kimball told KDLT.

"I never heard of such a thing this is crazy I been doing this 20+ years this is a first for me," he wrote on Facebook.

Kimball says he's fighting the fines in court and is looking to see if there's a legal way for him to bring his snakes out in public – possibly a portable enclosure of sorts.

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