South Dakota high school's homecoming cancelled over racist prank

They painted "Go back to the Rez" on a car.

There'll be no homecoming for South Dakota's Sturgis Brown High School this year.

That means no football game, no parade, and no dance.

It's the Meade School District's punishment against the school for a homecoming prank that left a car trashed – and covered with racist messages like "Go back to the Rez."

There were also "SS" symbols painted on the vehicle – apparently a reference to Nazi Germany:

The target of this prank was Pine Ridge High School, which is located on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. The Sturgis Scoopers were scheduled to play Pine Ridge in their homecoming football game on Friday night, according to the Rapid City Journal. 

The "prank" was evidently part of a ritual known as a "car bash" – which the district says "has not been sponsored as a homecoming tradition" for the past several years.

Nevertheless, a group of students managed to get their hands on a car, and on Wednesday night, not only bashed it, but also spread photos of their activities on social media.

The reactions were widespread and almost universally negative, and on Thursday, school officials issued a profuse apology, and cancelled Sturgis Brown High's homecoming festivities:

The cancellation is aimed at avoiding "even a potential for endangering students," Superintendent Don Kirkegaard told the Rapid City Journal.

The police department has gotten involved as well, but there doesn't appear to be anything criminal "at this point," the Associated Press says.

In their apology, school officials emphasized the stunt was perpetrated by just "a few students" and does not reflect district values.

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