Southeastern Minn. woman comes forward with $1 million Powerball ticket

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The woman who purchased a $1 million Powerball ticket in Winona County during last month's frenzy for a record-setting jackpot has come forward.

The Winona Daily News says Sandy Webster of Millville, Minn. bought the ticket at the St. Charles Kwik Trip on Nov. 28. Webster forgot to check the numbers but was reminded a few days later while she was buying gas.

She had a sales clerk check the ticket. The clerk told her, "Sandy, you won big!"

In Arizona, the mystery ticket holder came forward Friday to claim his half of the jackpot, nearly $200 million. The winner lives in Fountain Hills, northeast of Phoenix, and told lottery officials they assembled a legal and financial team to determine how they wanted to allocate the winnings.

The couple opted to claim the prize before the end of the year "because of concerns over the fiscal cliff in 2013," CNN reports.

The winner said he plans to continue working. He didn't say what his profession is, but says he has "just a regular job, like yours or mine--it's not a high-level job."

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