SPAM-maker has one of country's best internship programs

Previous interns have given the Austin-based company the thumbs-up.
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Hormel Foods is one of the best places in the country to be an intern.

The Austin, Minnesota-based food manufacturer, which owns brands including SPAM, Jennie-O, Skippy and Muscle Milk, ranks 23rd in's 50 Best Internships in the U.S. 2018 list.

The website surveyed thousands of current and former interns about their programs, and found overwhelmingly positive reviews about the time spent at Hormel.

The company is rightly proud of this ranking, and the praise for its program is helping it attract high-quality applicants; 80 percent of them go on to be hired for full-time jobs with Hormel.

"We believe the success of the program is based on our talent philosophy and the interns’ perspective that has shaped the program into one that is truly world-class," Amy Sheehan, corporate manager of talent acquisition, said in a press release.

Hormel takes on between 51 and 100 interns every year, on three-month, six-month or full-time paid internships that come with housing assistance.

During their internship, those hired are asked to manage company projects, take part in strategy sessions with industry leaders, and network with peers and employees from various departments.

You can find out more about applying for a Hormel internship here.

Interns like the company, Austin less so

Judging by the reviews on Vault, most interns are glowing in their praise about the company, with one referring to a culture that is "welcoming and warm and friendly," with a "family-like attitude."

Those successful in being taken on are advised to "prepare for the unexpected" as you are tasked with "real projects that will contribute to the success of the company."

But while the work itself is enjoyed by most interns, one of the common downsides to the internship appears to be working in southeast Minnesota.

"Location was not ideal" and "Being located in Austin, MN" are among the comments made in the "downer" section about the internship, with most of the interns having to work at company HQ, though some are positioned at its satellite offices around the country.

"The location was a bit of a constraint for me, only because I came from a city setting and moved to a more relaxed country setting," one intern said.

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