SPAMalot? Your favorite brand may be getting a recipe change


Austin-based Hormel Foods is looking to simplify – and its campaign will produce recipe tweaks in products including a couple varieties of SPAM.

Hormel announced Wednesday its "clean label" initiative is an effort to simplify the ingredient lists on many of its foods. A company vice-president says “We know that a growing number of consumers are looking for products made with simple, familiar ingredients.”

Changes have already been made to some Hormel lines and the list will soon include canned chili, Dinty Moore stew, and SPAM.

A spokesman clarified to the Associated Press, though, that only SPAM Lite and SPAM Less Sodium will see their recipes changed. SPAM Classic, which already has fewer ingredients than its aforementioned cousins, will stay the same.

Food Business News says Hormel's food service division is also cleaning up its labels and some of its brands have been reformulated to remove preservatives, artificial colors, and nitrates.

Investor Place says Hormel will release more information about its simplification plans in a corporate responsibility report due in June.

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