SPCO violinist leaves for New York, cites lockout


The St. Paul Chamber Orchestra has lost a musician as a result of the lockout.

Second principal violinist Kyu-Young Kim on Wednesday said he is leaving to take a job with the New York Philharmonic, MPR reports.

Kim's departure may be the first that is directly attributable to the lockout, although a few other musicians have left recently, MPR reported. Clarinetist Tim Paradise quit the SPCO in September. Minnesota Orchestra's violinist Peter Maguire left in December for a job in Switzerland.

Kim and his wife, Pitnarry Shin, a cellist with the Minnesota Orchestra, have been in the Twin Cities since only the fall of 2011.

Kim released a statement: "While I am thrilled at this opportunity to play with one of the world's great orchestras, I am saddened to be leaving the SPCO under these circumstances. In the space of four months, the lockouts of both orchestras have changed the Twin Cities from a destination metropolis for musicians to a place that many of us are actively trying to leave."

Carole Mason Smith, head of the Musicians Negotiations Committee, said in a statement, “It’s a great loss for the SPCO. We’ve said repeatedly to management that we will not be able to recruit or retain the talent that this orchestra needs to remain world class, and this is just a textbook example of that.”

Musicians of the SPCO were locked out Oct. 21. The Minnesota Orchestra musicians have been locked out since Oct. 1.

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