Specially tail-ored: St. Paul business creates $2,500 mermaid suits

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Far from any ocean, a pair of 22-year-old twin sisters in St. Paul has created a livelihood out of making custom mermaid tails.

And business for the newly hatched Finfolk Productions is going swimmingly. The specially tailored suits start at $2,500, and the duo gets orders from around the world from mermaid fans – and there are big schools of them – who want the vibrantly colored, lifelike silicone tails. The sisters – Abby and Bryn Roberts – even outfit wannabe mermen.

(Check the suits out – the company has lots of photos, including underwater pics, on its Facebook page. You can see more on Pinterest.)

Mermaids, famously featured in movies like "Splash" and "The Little Mermaid," have long captured imaginations. The Roberts sisters tell the Star Tribune that it was by accident that they dipped into a teeming mermaid culture driven now largely by social media.

Fin aficionados also gather annually at conventions like MerFest and MerPalooza.

On a Kickstarter page from last year, the Roberts sisters talk about how their business traces its roots to a mermaid tank at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival, when they overheard a little girl tell her father, "See, Dad? I told you mermaids were real!" (There's more photos of the Roberts sisters doing their delicate work on Kickstarter.)

“We do look at each other almost every day and say, ‘We make mermaid tails for a living,’ ” Bryn Roberts told the Star Tribune.

From the Kickstarter page, here are the Mermaid suits underwater:

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There are more samples on YouTube:

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