Spoon and Stable chef coaching Team USA in 'culinary Olympics'


Gavin Kaysen, owner and chef at Minneapolis' hottest new restaurant, will be coaching Team USA in the "culinary Olympics."

The Bocuse d'Or World Cooking Contest, which was created in 1987 and is held every two years in Lyon, France, is one of the most prestigious international competitions in the world, the Huffington Post reported.

Kaysen, who runs Spoon and Stable in Minneapolis, could be the first to lead the United States to victory. Despite having some of the best chefs in the world, the U.S. has never placed above sixth, the Star Tribune said.

He has been training chef Philip Tessier for the last year in preparation for the Jan. 27 competition, where he'll compete against 23 other chefs from 23 other countries in the two-day event, according to the Bocuse d'Or website.

Tessier will have to create a meat platter and a fish plate – in five hours and 35 minutes, Kaysen's website notes. And as coach, there's not much Keyson can do at the event, except "direct traffic" – reminding Tessier about the time, and communicate with the media, he told the Star Tribune.

Keyson, who has coached Team USA in the past, competed in the Bocuse d'Or in 2007. He told the Star Tribune it was a "crazy" experience, adding "it's literally thousands of people screaming and watching you cook."

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