Spring fever? Beautiful Friday may prompt epidemic before weekend showers


It's not surprising during the winter months to hear Minnesotans ask each other: "Why do we live here, again?"

Days like Friday may be the answer to that question.

Forecasters expect temperatures to climb well into the 70s across Minnesota with plenty of sunshine ... which will then give way to some badly needed rain over the weekend.

MPR's Paul Huttner issued a "hooky alert," noting that the forecast high of 76 in the Twin Cities is the average temperature in early June, not mid-April.

Squeezing your outdoor fix in on Friday might be the way to go, given the weekend's rainy outlook. But those showers will also be welcomed by many.

Minnesota's been abnormally dry since last October. National Weather Service meteorologist Mike Stewart tells Northland's NewsCenter  soil moisture is 40 percent below normal for this time of year – more than four inches shy of the customary 11.5.

The dry ground fueled dozens of fires this week.

Conditions should improve with the fresh rainfall, which the Weather Service says could amount to an inch in the Red River Valley.

The Sioux Falls office says southwestern Minnesota could also get an inch by Sunday evening.

Oh, ... there is another reason to get out and enjoy Friday's beautiful weather: it might snow next week.

Not much, mind you. And it may be mixed with rain. But still, snow.

Hey, there are worse things than a little April snow, though.

A lot of April snow, for instance. Like we had last year ... and the year before that...

Anyway, enjoy your Friday, Minnesota, whether you're working or not. It's why we live here.

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