Spring snow expected in the Twin Cities, central Minnesota Sunday


If you're planning on spending time outdoors this weekend – you'd better do it today.

That's because there's a good chance that the Twin Cities and large swathe of central Minnesota will be hit by a spring snow shower on Sunday.

The National Weather Service Twin Cities says that a weather system will slide its way from North Dakota across Minnesota, hitting central and southern parts of the state with accumulating snow.

How much will fall is dependent on where you live.

Accuweather reports there is a chance that snowfall locally could be up to six inches – with the potential for central Minnesota, the Twin Cities and southwestern Wisconsin to see such a dumping.

Accuweather says motorists should remain on their guard, though its meteorologist Brian Thompson did say that snow has a hard time accumulating on the roads at this time of year, because the angle of the sun is increasingly high.

After Sunday's flurry, the NWS says there will be a break on Monday, but precipitation will return on Tuesday in the form of rain, with snow predicted in the north of the state on Wednesday.

This will come as a relief for parts of the state where rain falls, as the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources reported earlier this week that 88 percent of the state is currently in "moderate drought" following well-below-average precipitation over the winter.

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