Squad car hits pedestrian who was lying in the road

The pedestrian has been taken to the Mayo Clinic for treatment.

A squad car driving through the Wisconsin city of Menomenie struck and injured a pedestrian who was lying in the road.

The Menomonie Police Department officers were traveling along Wilson Avenue West just after 1 a.m. Sunday when the driver saw the person lying in the road.

And they were unable to avoid hitting them, despite swerving in the road in an attempt to prevent a collision, the Dunn County Sheriff's Office said.

It's not clear at this stage why the person was lying in the road, nor the extent of their injuries.

But they were sufficiently serious that they have been taken to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, after initially being treated at Mayo Menomonie and Mayo Eau Claire.

The collision is being investigated by the Dunn County Sheriff's Office and Wisconsin State Patrol.

An unusual occurrence

So far this year, 44 pedestrians have been killed on Wisconsin roads and streets, which is significantly more than the 33 who had died by the same time last year.

Several hundred more pedestrians are seriously injured in crashes every year, but the manner of Sunday morning's incident in Menomonie is pretty unusual.

According to Wisconsin Department of Transportation statistics, 32 percent of pedestrian collisions happen when the pedestrian is crossing a road at an intersection, with 26 percent happening when crossing mid-block.

A smaller number happen when the pedestrian is in a parking lot or on the curb, walking along the road, or hit by a vehicle backing up.

There are no separate statistics for pedestrians lying in the road, which are covered under the 16 percent of crashes where the cause is listed as "other."

Dunn County, where Sunday's incident happened, has seen 8 fatal road incidents so far this year, which includes car-on-car crashes as well as those involving pedestrians and bicyclists.

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