St. Cloud bar cancels 'Takeover' hip-hop show after police warning


The St. Cloud bar Rumrunners has called off a hip-hop show Friday after the city's police chief warned there would be zero tolerance of crime, WCCO-TV reports.

Concerns were raised by police because the 18 and older event -- dubbed "St. Cloud: The Takeover" -- would have had people bused in from the Twin Cities area, WCCO says.

Fearing some of the clientele would potentially cause trouble, Police Chief Blair Anderson issued the warning, telling WCCO, "They're welcome to come to St. Cloud as long as they plan to be law abiding and civil."

After hearing of the chief's concerns, the bar's owner, Jamie Dickmann, canceled the show. Dickmann said that about 30 people were supposed to be bused in for the event, which was booked through a promoter out of the Twin Cities.

Dickmann said he was surprised to learn how word of the event spread on social media.

See WCCO-TV's report on the canceled event below.

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