St. Jude shares plummet after FDA concerns

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The U.S. Food and Drug Administration says an inspection of a St. Jude Medical facility in California found significant safety concerns with the firm's handling of its Durata leads, a wire that connects an implanted defibrillator to a patient’s heart, the New York Times reports. The federal inspection report called St Jude's "design verification activities were inadequate."

A spokeswoman for the Little Canada-based medical company told the newspaper that none of the observations in the inspection report “identified a specific issue regarding the clinical or field performance of any of our products.”

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The previous version of Durata, known as Riata, was recalled last year after the insulation wore away and exposed the wire cables, Reuters reports. A Goldman Sachs analyst says there have been concerns that Durata leads may have similar issues.

In August, a prominent cardiologist at Abbott Northwestern Hospital in Minneapolis felt the new defibrillator leads were still problematic despite design changes.

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