St. Louis Park nursing home patient dies following taser incident


An elderly man at a St. Louis Park nursing home died late last month from complications of injuries suffered after he was subdued by a police Taser, the Star Tribune reports.

According to police, 76-year-old Zheng Diao of Blaine, a patient at Park Health and Rehabilitation Center, was wielding a knife and scissors on July 14 when officers were called by staff members.

Police told the newspaper that Diao moved the knife towards his throat when an officer activated the Taser to prevent him from harming himself.

The newspaper reports Diao died from pneumonia on July 29 at the Hennepin County Medical Center that developed during treatment for delirium and a face injury that occurred during the taser incident.

The Hennepin County Medical Examiner said the injuries Diao sustained led to a condition called aspiration pneumonia. MPR noted.

A news release from the St. Louis Park Police Department said an outside agency will investigate the incident further.

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