St. Paul asks for more review of kicking-cop case


St. Paul police asked city prosecutors to review the case of a police officer who was filmed kicking a suspect on the ground in August, Pioneer Press reports.

The St. Paul prosecutors then requested that the Minneapolis city attorney's office examine the case to avoid a conflict of interest, the newspaper notes.

The move comes about a month after the Olmsted County attorney's office declined to file charges against the officer in the case due to "insufficient proof beyond a reasonable doubt" that the officer used unreasonable force. That office reviewed the case instead of Ramsey County to avoid a conflict of interest.

A St. Paul police internal affairs investigation of officers Jesse Zilge, and another officer, Matthew Gorans, continues.

At issue is an incident Aug. 28 in which Zilge and Gorans arrested Eric Hightower, 30, after Hightower's ex-girlfriend called police to report that he was stalking her. During the arrest, Zilge was filmed kicking Hightower in a five-minute, widely seen video. Gorans used Mace spray on Hightower.

The video has been viewed more than 300,000 times on YouTube.

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Ex-St. Paul cop to get $665K in data breach case

Former St. Paul and Eden Prairie police officer Anne Rasmusson, who accused other officers across the metro of digging into her driver's license file for personal information, is likely to reap about $665,000 in settlements from Twin Cities municipalities, the Star Tribune reports.

St. Paul man in cop-kick video jumps out window evading officers

A man who was seen on a YouTube video being kicked by a St. Paul officer in August has had another run-in with police. Police say he jumped out a window at a motel early Monday after police came to the door in response to a call about a fight. He was taken to the hospital and has been arrested on suspicion of violating a no-contact order – for the second time.

Second officer in cop-kicking video placed on leave

A second officer related to a YouTube video that prompted an investigation by police was put on administrative leave. The President of the St. Paul police union calls the video that captures the officer's actions calles the video "misleading."