St. Paul cops offer cardboard drop-offs so thieves don't target Christmas gifts

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When the dust has settled on Christmas Day and all the gifts have been unwrapped, St. Paul police are urging people not to make themselves targets for thieves.

The department says that burglars can get invaluable clues about the goodies you have inside your home, by checking out the boxes left in the dumpster after Christmas.

They can then make note of expensive new electronics or toys that have been given as presents, using this information for a potential future heist.

To prevent this from happening, the police have partnered with the St. Paul Department of Public Works and Eureka Recycling to provide a place for residents to take their cardboard boxes.

The cardboard-only dumpster has been placed in the visitor parking lot of the Western District Police HQ at 389 Hamline Ave. N., with drop-offs accepted until Jan. 8.

Another recycling drop-off can be found at the city's All In Recycling Program at 309 Como Ave., which also accepts other curbside recyclable materials.

"The holiday season is a special time of year for many Saint Paul residents, and we’d like it to stay positive by ensuring that everyone has a safe experience, free from burglary whenever possible," St. Paul Police Crime Prevention Specialist Pam McCreary.

"Unfortunately, some people see this time of year as an opportunity to be a Grinch. This is one crime deterrence opportunity we offer to help make sure you aren’t targeted by them."

St. Paul police has a list of other Holiday safety tips you can read about here.

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