St. Paul grants noise variance to zombie fest

How loud can the walking dead get? At least a few neighbors of Midway Stadium in St. Paul fear revelers at the planned Zombie Pub Crawl VIII on Oct. 13 could get pretty noisy. Organizers are even hoping that it could qualify for a world record gathering of zombies. But the city has granted a noise variance for the 2-to-midnight event, the Pioneer Press reports.
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At least a few neighbors of Midway Stadium in St. Paul are fearful of a zombie festival there on Oct. 13. They're scared not of an apocalyptic takeover or the brain eating. They are worried about the noise, and they asked the city to reject a noise variance for the event.

But the city said the walking dead could scream and howl all they like for the 2 p.m. to midnight p.m. event, the Pioneer Press reports. Bands will play until 10 p.m. and fireworks are planned, the newspaper reports.

It's part of the Zombie Pub Crawl VIII, in which several thousand caked with faked blood and garbed costumes fresh from the grave, plod their way to the West Bank of Minneapolis as well as Midway Stadium to party. This year, the Midway Stadium venue is open to people of all ages and is being dubbed "Zombie Island."

The event began in 2005 and spawed imitators in other cities, but the Twin Cities version claims to be the original, according to the website. There's also info and photos at the event's Facebook page.

Here's a glimpse at the 2010 zombie pub crawl:

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The zombies are coming...

The Twin Cities is gearing up for its eighth annual Zombie Pub Crawl Saturday. What used to be a small crowd of about 100 bar hopping on the West Bank has exploded into a massive event spread between Minneapolis and St. Paul. Organizers estimated about 30,000 participants last year.

Twin Cities Zombie Pub Crawl sets Guinness world record

A gathering of the walking dead in the Twin Cities last month has officially been dubbed the world's largest. Guinness World Records sent an email Monday to the organizers of the Minneapolis-St. Paul Zombie Pub Crawl to say they knocked off the New Jersey Zombie Walk in 2011 for most zombies in one gathering.

MSP Mag: Must. Drink. Brains.

You know, Zombies get thirsty too. The dudes behind Zombie Pub Crawl Ocho know how to hook a boogey up. For the Oct. 13 crawl they have teamed up with local Schell’s Brewery to release cans of ... Brain Belt Cranium.

Grand Forks Zombie Run hits dead end

Minnesotans who planned on strolling across the border to Grand Forks, N.D., to become one of the walking dead in the city's Zombie Run will have to kick up their feet this year. The event, which was scheduled in conjunction with the Grand Forks Zombie Music Fest next month, has been scrapped over conflicts with another marathon.