St. Paul officers recount ambush by armed theft suspect


Armed with 12-gauge, semi-automatic shotgun, a knife and a crossbow, 22-year-old Chao Xiong set out for the streets of St. Paul on the night of October 23, 2012.

Xiong's family notified police that the weapons were stolen from their home just 30 minutes before St. Paul officers Daniel King and Brian Wanschura pulled into the parking lot of Hope Community Academy in their squad car. That's when Xiong started shooting.

"My life literally flashed before my eyes," Wanschura tells KSTP in an exclusive interview.

"The first shot went through my arm, passed right in front of Brian's chest and struck a wall outside," King said. "The second one went through the car and into my wrist."

The suspect advanced on both officers and continued to shoot. After dozens of rounds were fired, Xiong was dead.

KSTP says King lost half the blood in his body in just two to three minutes, but managed to save his severely wounded arm by using a tourniquet. King's bulletproof vest saved his life.

"We were sworn to protect. If this is the cost, I'd do it again," King said.

Wanschura is back on duty while King continues to recover. The officer is still regaining some of the feeling in his hand.

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